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Ner Tamid Fundraiser



We wish you L’Shanah Tovah and a sweet, wonderful, and healthy 5774.  Thank you for being a special and integral part of our PSC family.

Focusing On What Matters Most

Together we are a holy and open community where we support each other in building what matters most.  Relationships matter.  Family matters. Lifelong education matters.  Our youth matter.  It is the uniqueness of our contributions, personal and financial, that allow our community to thrive, insuring that our main focus will always be on these things that matter most.

In Our Hands We Hold Our Future

As we approach the New Year, we seek your help in building our sacred community.   Our annual Ner Tamid campaign is our most important fundraising effort because it helps us come together in support of something truly special, namely Peninsula Sinai Congregation.  This year, we’ve added a special goal: if we significantly increase your support now, then we can spend the balance of the year focused on those things that matter most.

Make That Pledge Now To Show You Care

Please consider making your pledge today – before Rosh Hashanah – and partnering with each and every person in our kehillah kedosha, our sacred community, as we pursue our vision.  We greatly appreciate your support, large or small, as we each help build something that will inspire us all.

Not only does your pledging today help us better prepare for the coming year, it gives us a chance to say THANK YOU when we see you at High Holiday services.

To make your Ner Tamid pledge, please contact PSC’s First Vice President, Ron Mester, with a simple email ( or phone call (650-544-6961).   Your response by September 2nd is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your act of Hesed, this act of tremendous kindness as we take our community m’chayil el chayil, from strength to strength.