Cantor's Note

As promised to many who attended our recent honoree dinner (as well as some who didn’t), here is my portion of the tribute to our most worthy honorees, The Hamaouis, the Kirshenbaums and the Hayats (with apologies to Mr. Sheldon Harnick, lyricist of Fiddler on the Roof)!

Wishing you a wonderful summer.....

Doron’s Words
Sung to tunes from Fiddler on the Roof


Who’s been around for just several years but have made such a difference here at PSC?
And who set up each and every Friday oneg, tasty, healthy, and they’re free!
The Hayats, the Hayats—ooooh, the Hayats!

Who have two great kids perfect as can be, one sings Adon Olam, one might go to Berkeley? Whose French accents can charm us every day and make us glad they’re here to stay!
The Hayats!...

The kids went to our Hebrew School, their parents never say no--
To any request thrown at them; how do--they do it?

“United” are we in our love for them; and then what’s rare is--
Michael Hayat’s here tonight and NOT—in Paris!

The Hayats!...
Who am I so proud to have as friends and leaders, board and Ed committees have they served on too I can’t believe how lucky we have been- to have each of these model Jews.
The Hayats!...


Is this my friend and office manager? Always smiling and keeping cool?
She doesn’t mind if I ask for favors--as a rule.
I’m so glad that we both love blasting - music from the Land of Israel.
If we did not, then office tensions—they might swell.

Sara and Zvi, Sara and Zvi—two mensches you are—
When it comes to deserving honor - you both are the worthiest by far.

Is this the man who fixed the glitches on my computer yesterday?
Wasn’t he once in charge of crucial - security?
Since you’ve been members at our shul -things, just became even more right.
Zvi—isn’t it time for another- Jewish movie night? Yes????

Sara and Zvi, Sara and Zvi—you both are the best.
Seems like just yesterday I taught your kids up the hill at PTS.
Sara and Zvi, Sara and Zvi—this end is where I scream....
Thank you, mazal tov, and we also, wish you ahd me’ah ve’esrim.


Tooooooo life, to life, Davido and your lovely wife, Ms. Mireille!
OUR Sinai history - is SO tied both to you and to she.
Sing L’chaim to life – for all you do here: Treasury and keeping the books.
AND it’s so evident, you’ve been much more than president.
You’re my REALTOR too!

Both Mireille and David help our congregation flourish; yes that is a fact!
Let’s not forget that when David is in charge he always keeps us in the black!
(Egyptian math, he calls it.)

Mireille, so fine and gracious, pleasant, and smiley and calm.
Thanks for the spirit that you do bring - in each and everything.
Drink l’chaim to both you and your hubbie, two such kind and Devoted friends.
You’ve raised four children within these walls, answered the higher calls.
Drink l’chaim to you!

I know I’ve grown wiser thanks to my adVISOR David - and his hints and clues.
Surely, though, he’s joking all these years in saying Sephardim are the REAL Jews?

In any case, I’ll close now--by thanking ALL SIX one last time:
David, Mireille, and also to Zvi, ----Sara, Michael, Brigitte.
Drink l’chaim for all you’ve done for US now, the honor is OURS.....having you....
So from all these friends all in your life, my kids, me, and my wife,
Drink l’chaiiiiiiiiiiim—TO LIFE!

Cantor Doron