Cantor's Note

As we approach the last third of our school year, I thought I'd write this Cantor's Note as the Educator's Note as well. We are privileged to have a special musical event happening in our own sanctuary as the fourth and final PSC Greenberg Religious School fundraiser of the year--The Shuffle Concert! As the musicians from Shuffle Concert state it--Shuffle Concert changes the rules of performance as we all know it. "In this musical celebration the AUDIENCE chooses what pieces will be performed! From Baroque, Classical, and Romantic to Jazz, Pop and Broadway, SHUFFLE Concert performances offer an exciting fusion of great music, for every musical taste. Neither the audience members nor the performers themselves know which works will be requested each night and therefore the musicians maintain a rich and extensive menu of over 40 musical works derived from 14 different styles. The result - a unique performance each time."

This is an evening not to be missed. The opportunity rarely arises in the Bay Area and on this tour we are one of only two locations it can be experienced (and the only one outside of San Fran- cisco). We should mention that a featured oboe player of this septet is Ms. Jessica Pearlman, who grew up right here at PSC and so many of you know well! The concert will take place on Tuesday, April 29th from 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. Tickets are $36 for adults; $18 for children 5 - 17. Donations gladly accepted as well. Though this evening is not ideal for pre-schoolers, it is, indeed, a perfect occasion for all other ages and we hope all PSC members will support our school and enjoy some wonderful music as well! Look for e-mails, flyers, and updates throughout March. For now, though, see what this unique group is all about at:

Cantor Doron